How to Marinate and Grill Steaks

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Meetthe Louka Hair Artists

Louisa Sacco

Meet Louisa (known as Lou )  salon owner & founder with 12 years experience in the industry Louisa is making waves with her colour skills and love for education in the north east .

Louisa has had the pleasure to work and learn from some of Australia’s leading stylists & just recently travelling abroad to learn from America’s top colourists to extend her colour knowledge .

Louisa is dedicated to her trade & to her guests she ensures top quality work & a even better client experience when you visit Louka hair .

Louisa is known for her quite  but quirky personality which is reflected in her style of colour work of beautiful brunette blends and future proof blondes.

Brianna Grassi.
Graduate colour specialist

Brianna is a natural born stylist and has been in the industry since the young age of 15. With a firm foundation as a senior stylist Brianna is beginning her journey as a colour specialist & is Louisa’s right hand gal in salon .

Brianna  thrives on the chemistry behind colour and is your go to girl for all beautiful blonde colour work.

Brianna is dedicated and driven and thrives on looking after her guests and their hair needs .